Wubba Dubba Dub Duuub! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But yeah, Rick & Morty. If you haven’t watched it then you’ve almost definitely heard of it or been told to watch it by someone you know. If I’m honest and as much as it pains me to say it for reasons I’m about to explain, I really like it. It’s easy to watch, intelligent, laugh out loud funny and sometimes it ~really makes you think~. I can’t remember the last time I laughed as hard at any TV, film or book as much as the interdimensional telly skits. Other than The Simpsons or obscure anime, I can’t remember a cartoon that made me feel as sad as those bits when they play Mazzy Star – Look Down From The Bridge or Chaos Chaos – Do You Feel It?, even if they are a tad saccharine. It’s charming and easy-going enough to binge watch, and I pretty much got through the first two seasons in one sitting on Netflix. I don’t know too much about science but I love Sci-Fi enough to enjoy what are apparently some pretty clever discussions about the topic throughout the show. So on paper, all good. Great, in fact, it’s pretty much my current favourite program.

But…OK, wait, it’s probably easier if just have a look at this quickly before we go any further.

rick 2




Hold on, it get’s worse.


rick 5


*screaming intensifies*



rick 1

Ah, man. Part of me wants to give this person a hug, as suicide is not a subject to be trivialised in any way. But then again, part of me thinks they are really badly trivialising it by comparing themselves to a cartoon scientist, so I dunno.

So yeah, Rick & Morty is a generally enjoyable show, but its fans are pretty much the worst type of people going.

Rick & Morty fans seem to be the equivalent of that guy (and let’s face it, it was always a guy) in school who had read some Nietzsche and couldn’t wait to tell you about why religion was a lie. Rick & Morty fans probably vape. Rick & Morty fans are the kind of person to almost instantly change your YouTube tune at an after party because they think they have a song that will ‘way more suit the vibe’ but that turns out to be a seven minute Brian Eno instrumental. Rick & Morty fans think they are more intelligent than you. Rick & Morty fans throw the word ‘existential’ around like an STD in Fresher’s Week.  Rick & Morty fans compete with each other about just how fucked they were last night. Rick & Morty fans think that ‘everything can be solved through discussion’ and that you should ‘always listen to both sides’, even if one side are literal fucking Nazi’s and just need to be battered until they stop denying people’s right to exist. Take a look at this long-winded response to R&M’s creator, Dan Harmon, overtly denouncing fascism:

rick 4

I don’t really know what’s going on at the end there. I think their brain liquefies half way through posting the comment, so that it ends up reading like the deranged ramblings of someone so dedicated to proving how intelligent they are that they would rather sound psychotic than admit that some kind of physical action might be necessary at some point in their lives.

I guess Rick & Morty fans are the kind of people who define themselves through the culture they consume and their intelligence because it’s all they have, and so these two things become of vital importance to them. I think that’s why they feel the need to boast about how clever they are, or feel the need to deride people who haven’t read/seen/understood things the same way they think they have, because they have nothing else in their lives to live for.  If your whole life is the books you’ve read, the films you’ve watched or the music you’ve listened to, you’re far more likely to be very defensive about those things, because you feel like it’s what set you apart from everyone else. Because without your extremely individual and discerning tastes, your personality is nothing, and therefore you are nothing. Hey look, a Rick & Morty tattoo, how unique.

rick 6

It’s the same motivation behind hating a band once they get popular or having to mention that you’ve read the book before seeing the film. It’s basic hubris, and I think the reason we hate it is because we all know how what it’s about.

At this point I’d like to say that I’m very aware (because I’m so intelligent, obvs) that I sound very much like a Rick & Morty fan whilst talking about how much I hate Rick & Morty fans.

I think the reason I hate Rick & Morty fans, beside the fact that they are terrible, is because really I hate myself, because I am terrible.

Have I got mashed on something or other and cornered someone at a house party to make them bleed from the ears with repeated jabs of the phrase ‘Russian literature’? Yes. Have I tried to play emotional german techno to all my mates and also complete strangers at 6.37am? Also yes. Have I ever not been impressed with someones favourite book/film/anything purely subjective? Sorry, I tried not to. Have I considered a tattoo of some pop culture thing I like? Well I just really love Akira it’s like, my fave film sooooo…

Most of the time in life you hate what is totally opposite to you, but other times you hate what you know intimately. Like when you get pissed off with your best mate and their every little mannerism, habit and tick just creates layers to your simmering rage because you know what’s coming next and it’s predictability makes it even more infuriating. I’m not saying I vape and I’m at least self-aware enough to know I’m pretty stupid compared to a vast amount of people, but goddamn I’ve been pretentious before and will no doubt be so again in the future, and that’s why seeing how brutally pretentious R&M fans are just sends shivers down my spine. I’ve been that guy foghorning up a conversation whilst everyone rolls their eyes around me a million times over. Sure, it was mostly in my teens, but then again give me a bit of MDMA and bang, Foghorn Leghorn is right back in the room.

“A lot of people think Crime & Punishment is Dostoevsky’s best work, but actually The Brothers Karamazov…”

Thing is, the popularity of Rick & Morty has just given science and philosophy nerds a reason to shout about it, and even though those voices grate whilst squeezing a lemon over freshly bloodied skin, there are a tonne of nerds out there shouting about all types of shit no one gives a fuck about, they just get ignored because whatever they are nerding out about isn’t as mainstream as R&M is right now. This doesn’t excuse R&M fans and how annoying they are, just saying they are just the loudest nerds in the room right now is all. Sooner or later some other cultural thing will take it’s place and everyone can go back to being annoyed about some other bunch of insufferable cunts.

Cunts like me, so Wubba Dubba Dub Dub!



  1. Krystalmyth says:

    Your insecurity is so ridiculously in display here. It boggles the mind. You surrounded yourself with expert chattering heads to satisfy your narcissism, and wonder why it is you get the feeling other people enjoy the show on a level you can’t. You’re pretty much in the show. It’s never been about its scientific accuracy. It’s an obvious case study in psychology, sociopathy within the family and its effect on people and the degradation it can have on the psyche to play around with things we take for granted as benign like morality, kindness, humor and intellect and use them for our own ends. It surprises me not one bit your best way to connect with the show and it’s fans was by discrediting them, minimizing the show, to feel better about your own position within it. Putting others down to make one feel better while making themselves center stage should be something quite visible in the show were watching. I really hope your narcissistic pandering hasn’t gone over your head either… tom-usher.com, yeesh. It’s alright Tom. You’re still special.

    1. TED says:

      get a grip, he’s essentially talking about you in this article krystal. He loves the show, and doesn’t care for the references themselves. The issue is when people like you describe a cartoon as “an obvious case study ” of x or y. Its this snarky looking down on those who haven’t read a specific book or remember a certain line rather than just enjoying the damn show without caring what other people think or know.

    2. Ole Wobbles says:

      Holy crap but do you play right into the subject of this article. Bet you think your handle is a real clever play on words, too.

    3. Jim says:

      Couldn’t agree more Krystal. Tom you sound like someone who’s mum wouldn’t buy them Pokemon cards so you started calling the kids who had them losers for “buying into a corporate machine”.

  2. Clay says:

    Is this all tongue in cheek? I can’t tell. The self deprecation and the fact that your only examples are Facebook comments makes me think yes. But, you’re grinding your axe pretty hard and none of the other commenters seem to have picked up on it so maybe not?
    If not, I have to say it all seems pretty generally anti-intellectual to me. Honestly, having to cater conversations to the lowest common denominator in order to avoid eye rolls at parties sounds boring as shit. I tend to roll MY eyes at having to listen to the latest Kim Kardashian gossip or someone going on and on about the new Ed Sheeran song. “It’s fire bro!!” But hey, to each their own.
    Also, how is it that Rick and Morty fans seem the most elitest to you? Have you never been to a college campus? If you ever want to see REAL elitism…
    And finally, why do you hate me Tom? What did I ever do to you? I mean, you don’t even know me. And since at no point did you say “some fans” or “certain fans” you’re talking to every single person who likes the show and you’re leveling every single point in the article at them… and me.

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